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Our mission is to elevate your truck to legendary status. We offer premium truck wheels and accessories, with finishes that exceed expectations. All delivered by our expert team known for their clarity, knowledge and passion.


With an unwavering focus on durability, quality and world-class craftsmanship, legends are created at Armoury.

Legendary status is no easy feat. It’s built from the ground up – starting with the wheels. At Armoury, legendary means exceptional performance that will last for years to come. It means an unwavering focus on world-class innovation. It means premium service and decades of dedicated experience.

Legends are built without compromise. Build your legacy with Armoury.


We break the mould.

Armoury Wheels is known for its pursuit of innovation and superior quality. We push boundaries, innovate and bring together the latest industry insights to deliver high-quality, durable, high-performance wheels that are driven across Australia with pride.

Our Values


Designed for style, made with the highest quality materials.


Open communication from beginning to end.


Trusted, durable products that stand the test of time.


Our word is our bond; we won’t stop till you get your dream.


We live and breathe trucks, and it shows in our products and customer service.




Russell is the founder of Armoury Wheels and manages multiple aspects of the business – from hiring and firing to overseas ordering. Russell brings extensive knowledge to the team, having worked in the automotive industry since 1997. Russell is highly skilled in negotiation and strategic development, and continually seeks to provide encouragement and motivation to the team, so Armoury Wheels customers receive the best possible products and services.


Stainless Accessories Consultant

Cameron is responsible for new business growth, overseeing sales activities and identifying industry developments. With a background in engineering before moving to transportation, Cameron has worked with Armoury since 2017. His strengths are in critical thinking, teamwork, motivation and leadership, thriving in finding innovative solutions for customers’ needs. He holds a Certificate III in Engineering.


NSW & SA Wheel Consultant

Rod works to design the best possible wheel package solutions for Armoury Wheels customers, ensuring that all orders are fulfilled and delivered on time and in good order. Having grown up in the trucking and earthmoving industry, Rod has worked with Armoury Wheels since 2020. He brings people skills, valuable hands-on knowledge and a sense of humour to his role.


Accounts Payable & Receivable

Sherelle is responsible for accounts. Having grown up in the automotive industry, Sherelle has been working with Armoury since 2020 and prides herself on problem solving and open communication. Sherelle has a qualification in Advanced Business Management and a Certificate in Business Services.


Marketing Manager

Kimberly is responsible for marketing, offering exceptional benefits to customers. Kimberly grew up in the industry and has worked with Armoury Wheels since 2021. Skilled in communication, teamwork and problem solving, she enjoys overseeing projects from start to finish and thrives on creating tangible benefits for customers throughout her work.


QLD & VIC Wheel Consultant

Hayden covers our Queensland operations, servicing dealers and customers with quick response times, great products and the best solutions to save them time and money. Hayden has worked in the agricultural and automotive industries, with skills in problem solving, account management, sales and growth. Hayden thrives on communicating with customers and sourcing top-of-the-range products. He holds a Certificate III in Business.



From drive guards, flares and steps to taillight bars, elephant ears and sunvisors, our massive range of stainless steel accessories and alloy wheels take your truck to the next level.

Talk to your dealer about taking your Kenworth truck to the next level with Armoury Group stainless steel accessories and alloy truck wheels, or contact our expert team.

Build your own legacy

Build your own legacy