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Where can I buy Armoury Wheels?

You can purchase Armoury Wheels from any major truck dealer, trailer manufacturer or tyre shop. To get the best out of our service and our expert team, you can also purchase from us directly. Contact us to talk about your requirements.

Armoury Wheels offers a five-year structural and finish warranty for all products, so you can drive away with absolute peace of mind. Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or general wear and tear. Find more details in our warranty promise.

This depends on your needs and budget; however, we recommend ArmourBrite as the first preference. ArmourBrite is the best-performing finish for polish-free, long-lasting shine with unrivalled durability and protection. We like to call it the ultimate easy-clean wheel. Learn more about ArmourBrite and other finish options on our finishes page.

ArmourBrite is the next generation of premium wheel finish, designed and created exclusively for Armoury Wheels. ArmourBrite is unparalleled when it comes to performance, with polish-free gloss, 90 per cent less time to clean, resistant to dirt, salt and UV damage. It’s premium performance, crafted without compromise. Learn more about ArmourBrite on our finishes page.

A sleeve wheel nut extends into the mounting holes of a wheel centre to retain the wheel to the axle. Sleeve wheel nuts are required when the stud length is not long enough for the factory nut to engage sufficiently on the thread. The sleeve/shank of the nut goes between the stud and the stud hole of the wheel to the full depth of the wheel.

Sleeve nuts are required when converting European/Japanese trucks from steel wheels to alloy wheels. Depending on the truck model, these types can vary.

No. You should never run different wheels together, as alloy and steel wheels react differently and can potentially bond together.


Benefit from the guidance of our expert team and get a wheel package designed for you.

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Talk to your dealer about taking your Kenworth truck to the next level with Armoury Group stainless steel accessories and alloy truck wheels, or contact our expert team.

Build your own legacy

Build your own legacy