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Not all wheels are created equal. Armoury Wheels alloy brings enhanced performance and longevity, with a range of eye-catching and durable finishes.

At Armoury Wheels, we talk about creating legends on the road – and we take that task seriously. Legendary status isn’t just about bells and whistles. It’s built from the ground up, with increased safety performance, long-lasting durability and industry-leading standards.

Let’s take a look at some ways Armoury Wheels are different

Corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy

Our T6061 alloy is a high-strength material with exceptional resistance to corrosion, for wheels that will stand the test of time. Pair with our exclusive ArmourBrite finish for unmatched dirt, salt and UV resistance.

Up to 45 percent lighter per wheel

Armoury Wheels are nearly half as light per wheel compared to conventional steel wheels. That means increased handling, braking and steering performance.

Extended lifespan

Service life of tyres and braking components are considerably extended, thanks to aluminium’s significantly superior heat dissipation compared to steel.

Performance enhancing quality

Armoury Wheels alloys have lower unsprung masses, with significant benefits on a vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and cornering abilities.

Ultimate durability

The forging process of each alloy wheel enables the grain structure to be adapted to the shape of the wheel, achieving incomparable strength.

Peace  of mind

All Armoury forged alloy wheels feature a five-year warranty, with no mileage limit.

Industry leading

All Armoury alloy wheels meet Australian standards, are TÜV-approved and have American DOT certification. The load capacities of all our alloy wheels meet or exceed the maximum industry requirements



From drive guards, flares and steps to taillight bars, elephant ears and sunvisors, our massive range of stainless steel accessories and alloy wheels take your truck to the next level.

Talk to your dealer about taking your Kenworth truck to the next level with Armoury Group stainless steel accessories and alloy truck wheels, or contact our expert team.

Build your own legacy

Build your own legacy